This blog is an experimental extension of the web site.  I expect that these pages will be used for any random thoughts that deserve publication but (as yet) have not found an appropriate residence on that site.

I’ve personally been gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area’s mediterranean climate for 40+ years, and have been helping others with their gardens – either professionally or as a friend – for most of that time.  I suppose I come by this ‘honestly’ as my paternal grandmother was an avid gardener.  I have vivid memories of her Central Valley (Fresno) garden to this day.

To my mind, ‘gardening’ includes all manner of things related to the plants we grow and those that grow of their own accord.  For this reason you may find posts on this blog relating to cultural, artistic, ethnobotanic, and other unusual aspects of plants and plant lore.

Why am I writing this blog? I seem to have an inherent to communicate the information I’ve collected over the years. Enjoyment of the learning drives that process, but the dissemination of these facts and anecdotes is hoped to bring that enjoyment to others as well.


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